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VIDAR SERVO Direct Power

VIDAR SERVO Direct Power

Here it is!!! THE VIDAR! This is the crawler servo that Nitropro and Corrupt carbon works built together. We wanted to bring that same great quality, speed and power from Nitro pro to the crawlers. This is it!!

Cnc case

Ip67 Waterproof

Lifetime Gear Warranty

Direct Power servo (hooks to JST Plug off your power leads) Up to 4s! The signal wire goes to receiver.

Size specs in Pictures

25t spline


Unload Current:

320 mA@9.9V

360 mA@ 10.8V

450 mA@ 12.0V

480 mA@ 12.6V

530 mA@ 14.4V

Loading Current:

3600 mA@9.9V

3900 mA@ 10.8V

4500 mA@ 12.0V

4800 mA @ 12.6V

5200 mA@ 14.4V


Stall Torque:

40.0 kg-cm (667 oz-in)@ 9.9V

46.0 kg-cm (667 oz-in) @ 10.8V

57.0 kg-cm (792 oz-in)@ 12.0V

60.0 kg-cm (834 oz-in)@ 12.6V

66.0 kg-cm (917 oz-in)@ 14.4V

Over 1000oz on 4s!


Operating Speed:

0.155 sec/ 60° @ 9.9V 

0.145 sec/ 60° @ 10.8V 

0.125 sec/60° @ 12 .0V 

0.120 sec/60° @ 12.6V 

0.105 sec/60° @ 14.4V 

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