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JTP Pro Blend Nitro Fuel

JTP Pro Blend Nitro Fuel

NitroPro / JTP RC 28% / 9% Pro Race Blend Fuel coming very soon With the help of Dean and Drew at NitroPro, we have come up with a blend that suits me very well. I need a certain feel with my throttle, making sure my engines are crisp and clean off the bottom and through the mid-range. Sometimes to get that, I sacrifice in other areas, such as an erratic idle or a slight run on. That was my main goal, to be able to have my engine clean out how I need, but keep a steady and smooth idle. That’s important out on the track, and during pit stops. We tested many different combinations until I had the feeling I needed.

• Great Power

• Clean Burn, Crisp Feel

• Steady Idle

• Great Fuel Mileage

• Engine Life Protection

I’m super proud of this blend, it’s a unique blend with an actual nitro count of 28% and an oil content of 9%. The oil is a mix of synthetic and caster oils, providing a great throttle feel, with the needed protection for your engine. An engine is a big investment in our racing, and they should run amazing and last a long time. I have raced with this fuel at Wicked Weekend and the Southern Nats, and it will be available to customers soon!

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